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Abi Thompson

Sleep Expert Baby Sound Asleep, a sleep consultancy for families.

Abi Thompson
It has been a pleasure to test Whisbear as Sleep Consultant at Baby Sound Asleep. I'm a huge believer in white noise for babies so recommend using Whisbear to all my clients and followers.

Our busy world is full of unfamiliar sights and sounds for a baby so the familiar shushing sound from The Whisbear provides reassurance and helps baby to fall asleep.

As a sleep specialist I am also keen to give baby sleep cues so they know what we are expecting of them. I use Whisbear to form an integral part of our naptime and bedtime routine. As adults we make our own decisions about when to go to bed so give ourselves time to wind down, babies are led by us so need sleep cues to help wind down and understand that its bedtime. I try to implement sleep cues from the start which helps to ensure your baby doesn't make any hard to maintain dependency's to sleep such as rocking.

Abi Thompson, the MD of Baby Sound Asleep, a sleep consultancy for families
She's working for over 10 years in the childcare field and 7 years specifically in maternity nurse and sleep consultant roles. She's also using our Whisbear...

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